Friday, October 2, 2015

The Martian

In 2012 Ridley Scott brought us Prometheus, a film many hated, a film i loved, since then we have seen two major "lost in space" films, Gravity & Interstellar. Gravity from Alfonso Cuaron was underwhelming for me, i LOVE Children of Men and waited for his follow up to be another masterpiece, i thought Gravity was solid but nothing great. Hell i even thought Halle Berry was the star of it earlier, i forgot that much of it, Berry was the star of the dull show Extant that seemed to be made in response to Gravity. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar was another film that i thought was greatly made but underwhelmed me, i love his films, namely Memento, Batman Begins, the Dark Knight & Inception and i wanted this to be amazeballs, it was well made but nothing i would want to watch again & again. None of these films are 2001 a Space Odyssey, only thing that comes close is Moon, hell Christmas on Mars & the American Astronaut are ones i prefer more but now Scott is back, back in space where he belongs. I am a fan of his work but i don't get excited for a film just because it has his name on it, i see his films and i love the Alien series, so i was stoked for Prometheus. I love Blade Runner, i think Legend & Hannibal are great, pretty much i am a huge fan of his genre work, his other films are hit & miss, so is the Martian another damn fine genre film? Yes it is, and since i didn't have the overhype that i did for Gravity & Interstellar, i was able to enjoy it a hell of alot more. It is a human story that gives time to Matt Damon on Mars, his crew on their ship, and the folks at Nasa on Earth. This might be Scott's best in recent memory, i highly enjoyed it.

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