Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tremors Franchise Ranked

Tremors Bloodline is now among us and i was stoked to sit back and eat some pizza and feel like a kid again watching a new Tremors. Let us take a quick look back at the series.

1. Tremors
This is a fun ass monster flick, rednecks vs giant worms, cheesy humor, shit blowing up, Kevin Bacon. I grew up with this flick and loved it, it still hold up, it is by no means a great film but it is a super fun one.

2. Tremors 2
It tries to one up the monsters of the first(and kind of does with evolution or spawns) but just feels like a STV 90s horror flick. It is still loads of fun, especially the last half.

3. Tremors 5
I really dug this, Burt was brought back and is hardened, but has more of an emotional core at the same time. The monsters are a bit more in line with the sequels but it has decent amounts of gore & humor that is just fine for a flick like this.

4. Tremors 3
It kind of lost it's heart with this one, and is kind of dull until the last act.

5. Tremors 4
THis is a boring ass flick for the most part, even the Tremor scenes make you yawn at times. It has Back to the Future 3 syndrome, the western aspect sucks, and i love westerns!

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