Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Walk

Man on Wire is probably my favorite documentary of all time, it is gripping & makes you love the oddball(which is easy for me). When a film was announced i was on the fence, a part of me thought, just watch the doc but the other half was stoked. Robert Zemeckis directing? I trust him, oh and he got JGL to be the lead? Sign me up. Now as far as the story of this man, the doc has the focus of his beginnings but is about how the plan came together, how he assembled the team. The film shows alot more of the problems he faces with his partners & his girlfriend. At times he can be unlikable it fleshes him out & adds some depth, the flashbacks of his youth, his training, his relationship with his parents, street performing, love, friendship and the ultimate test of balancing are all shown in top notch form., THe moment he begins the walk, someone like myself that is not a fan of heights gets the sweaty palms going hardcore. I wish i would have seen it in Imax, and i never see shit in imax, but this has that scope behind it, and i can see how 3D would also benefit the film, neither are needed but i can see why it is the preferred method of viewing, it would add the the beauty and to the fear one faces in a heightened(heh) state.

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