Thursday, October 15, 2015


While it is no horror masterpiece or even a family friendly horror masterpiece, Goosbumps is a fun flick. THe books i loved growing up, my school's teachers hated them, tried to persuade us to read other books, but they called to me, i loved horror plus the covers were amazing! After that i had Goosebumps shirts, school supplies, and vhs tapes of the show. The show was a favorite of mine, i would watch it whenever it aired . They were fun, and were basically lighter versions of Tales From the Crypt. The movie takes RL Stine and puts him in the forefront, his bullied past led to him writing, and somehow his writings became real so he locked them away......until the events of the film that is, it is a unique concept to choose for a Goosbumps movie, i was thinking perhaps they would adapt a book or make a shared universe film when it was first announced, but this i dug. If they do a sequel they should focus on the writings stuck in the books and the world they live in.

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