Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping With Other People is romantic comedy done right, it uses realistic situations(okay they may be amped up at times) and shows the truth about sex/dating/being friends with the opposite sex. Jason Sudeikis continues his strong string of films with a character that should be a douche but is not, he is just a guy that sleeps around because he has not found love, i can relate. Alison Brie plays what a hollywood film may make out to either be goody goody(which is so not the case here) or as a total slut in a bad light, but here it shows that she is strong and adjusting to life....something we all must get used to. Her main crush is Adam Scott who is in everything this year and he is going back to his roles of the past, being an uber douche, he is portrayed as a bore who has it all, such is life. Sudeikis' main crush is Amanda Peet that is a genuinely sweet character. When love fails, and sleeping around with other people(oh hey now i get the title) does not work for out leads(who lost their v cards to each other in college and ran in to each other as a sex addicts meeting, later ot become best friends and help each other is relationships) they must figure out their own emotions for each other.

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