Saturday, March 25, 2017

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Whoa, i thought maybe i might like this flick, it might be charming, but holy fuck, i wasn't expecting it to be this good. Simple story of a robbery victim wanting her shit back, only to have it turn in to a bloody great time. Elijah Wood is the shit in this and he gets great moments of badassery, even if it still seems wimpy. Melanie Lynskey gives a great performance here, the two together have great chemistry. THe effects are great, when violence happens, and usually by accident(at first) it is shocking, and humorous, then the final act goes all out with stabbings & shootings and it is glorious! The setting, tone, and music at the end reminded me alot of The Last House on the Left. THis is pure exploitation in the final act, the first half is indeed a charming anti rom com, but everything meshes together in a great way. Kudos to Macon Blair on his first feature!

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