Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Iron Fist

Iron Fist i was stoked for, a kung fu MCU, fuck yeah! It had to be more intriguing than Jessica Jones, had to be better than Luke Cage, and could it top Daredevil, or DD's second season? No it did not top either season of Daredevil, it is on par with Jones I suppose, but that series had a stronger villain. The action scenes here are better for sure, but like most modern TV shows, it gets dull in the middle. They should book these shows like a trilogy, meaning 9 episodes instead of 12. Where in the first three episodes are the first movie, the next three are the second movie, and the final three is the final film. Instead we get a stretched out drama filled with legal matters, uninteresting corporate douches and lots of happenstance. The first episode is awesome, the next few were still good, but once you get to the middle four episodes are boring, the last few get really contrived, almost as if they were writing it as they went along. Which is fine, if you know your ending, but this felt like someone playing with their action figures but they are getting bored while playing with them, and decides to bring in other toys. However this show needed other toys, it should have had more connection to the Defenders, plant those seeds. I feel that the twelfth episode should have been the last one, but the true finale did tie up the lose ends, in a fast way, a way that should have been done episodes earlier but instead we got some boring legal shit. Moving on, the finale wasn't bad, it ended a lot, brought up ideas for either season 2, or hopefully Defenders, as it seems the bit at the end between Davos & Joy seemed to refer to Stick, i am stoked for Defenders, but mainly out of my love of Daredevil!

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