Thursday, March 2, 2017


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                It is no secret that with the exception of the Guardians of the Galaxy, that i prefer the X Men films to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. X Men came out when i was in the 6th grade, it blew me away, i had been wanting to see these characters on the big screen for years, hell i would have been excited even if it was straight to video, and i loved it. X Men 2 was better on every level, and set the new standard for superhero films, until Christopher Nolan came along with a story of a man dressed as a bat. X Men 3 sucked, but never fear, we were going to get a stand alone Wolverine prequel.....and it was worse that X Men 3. Luckily Mathew Vaughn did First Class, which was my favorite X Men film for 6 years....hmm, wonder what is now? That set the films on a new course, which included The Wolverine, one of the most underrated superhero films ever made, and of course Days of Future Past wrapped everything up nicely.....oh wait, there was another one? Fuck Apocalypse. Oh you meant the one before that, Deadpool, well okay! Now, as i said, First Class, was my favorite, now it is Logan, holy fuck, this is a superhero masterpiece. The acting is great, the directing, the sets, the gore, the score, everything! This was a perfect swan song, and a rather sad one at that! For 17 years, Patrick Stewart & Hugh Jackman have been with us, and now for them to wrap up their portion of the series, it is bitter sweet. I could care less if we get a fourth prequel, honestly they should have left it as just two of them. I don't want a fourth main time line, especially since the end of Days of Future Past, showed us the X Men on the right track, and no, we don't need a bridge film between that and this, somethings are best left to the imagination. IF we do get a bridge showing why there are no longer any more mutants, then please let it be in Deadpool 2 or 3.....speaking of which. Since it looks like Deadpool may use time travel with Cable, have them go to 2029, and instead of having X Men 2099, have X Men 2029, because this film gives us a bunch of new mutants to play with. The original trilogy, is over, the prequels are over, the Wolverine films are over. Do 2 more Deadpool flicks, but also if Fox wants to milk the franchise, do a New Mutants or something. Hell when it is all said and done, fox could have 15 films in a 30 year span in this world, and i am all for it. Then please give the rights back to Marvel, and Marvel, let the franchise stay dead for a decade, don't pull a Batman that Dawn of Justice did, let characters retire....for a while. Then you have my blessing to reboot it, but if you do, it wont pack the same punch, nothing will, 17 years, 9 films, it is unheard of for an actor to play a character that many times in so many years with out being recast. Thank you Hugh Jackman, for all your years, thank you as well to Patrick Stewart, you are both fantastic, and both of them did some of their best acting ever in this flick. It has blood, it has laughs, it has heart. I love this franchise, and this is the best of the bunch!

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