Saturday, March 25, 2017


Damn, this was a great flick. Take a crew of folks from different backgrounds, put them on a ship outer space, then have an alien pick them off one by one. Sounds familiar? Yes, it sounds like Alien, and this film is possibly the closest film to Alien....since....Alien! This feel is atmospheric, it has amazing "long takes" whether it actually was a long take or they hid some takes, it still looks fantastic. The kills are great, and it helps from the tension that is built, and this whole film is a giant piece of high tension. These characters want to protect each other, they argue, but they have each others best interests in their hearts & minds, which is refreshing, as there isn't a antagonist in the group, no one gets greedy or have ulterior motives  It is just a crew, scared and alone against a vicious alien. This alien is great, starts off like a small plant, it grows into a slug, then gets this predator face, and this alien is indeed a predator, it sets out to kill, and killing is what it does. This is the best outer space film since Guardians, and it is way better than the pretentious ass sci fi we have been getting every fall for the past few years. The ending is awesome, i predicted it, but it was still a great ending to a great film.

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