Friday, March 24, 2017

Power Rangers

The Power Rangers i grew up with, i watched the original series & saw the first film in theatres. I Gave up after Mighty Morphin ended, but i still held the series in a great form of nostalgia. I remember going to Toys R Us and waiting to be let in, ad they had a special Power Rangers day, those toys were the shit! What was not to love? I loved, and still do love, Kaiju flicks, and this is what Power Rangers is at the core, it is Ultraman but with a team. I recently bought the first issue of the Power Rangers/Justice League cross over....and it was awesome, I also rewatched the original movie....and it is not. I had not watched it in probably 18 years, i have rewatched the show, and it is fine, hell, as i type this, i am binging some of them, 3 in as a matter of fact. No i am not going to watch them all, but fuck it, watch it since i just saw the new movie.....oh yes, the new movie. Well the original show, is stupid, really stupid, it is corny as fuck, but it has charm and the battles were awesome, a new movie is surely going to be the shit? Well, not exactly, it is dumb, but dumb like the show was, you roll your eyes, shake your head, but you have a blast doing so. This is not The Room level of so bad it is good, and it bad like X Men Apocalypse, no, it is not even bad, it is fine, it is just a dumb flick with some funny lines, and some cool moments, the Rita Nightmare scene is awesome! Alpha is the best part, surprisingly, as they made him some what witty and had a dry sense of humor. Kimberly & Trini were fucking HOT! Billy had his moments, it helps that RC Cyler, from Me & Earl & the Dying Girl is a damn good actor, the two female leads were good in their spunky roles and were quite HOT, i liked Zack, you felt for him in this, the Pink Ranger & the Yellow Ranger were fucking HOT, Jason wasn't a total douche like Cyclops or Leonardo, Naomi Scott & Becky G are fucking HOT! The battles could have been better, it felt like the end of the first Thor, but i dig that flick, so fuck it! I had a fun time with it, the mid credit stinger, sets up the sequel, you can guess what it is! THey easily could have done a GOOD version, in the realm of DC or Marvel, and they still could, some day, but for now we get this, and this is basically the series, so if you claim the movie raped your childhood, guess what, it had already been raped, as that wasn't very good either, so enjoy it for what it is, a dumb flick with monsters....well sort of!

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