Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Belko Experiment

Well now, critics that are hating this must not be fans of the horror genre or trash cinema. This is a B Movie, Exploitation, a big budget Troma film. James Gunn has his stamp on this, even if it just is in the writing. The music is amazing, the characters you can relate with, the gore is awesome, the script is funny & intense at the same time. Take Office Space, mix in Battle Royal, with a little bit of the Experiment(the Adrian Brody flick) and you have The Belko Experiment. This isn't Split or anything groundbreaking, it is familiar but that is okay, i just wanted a fun flick, with good kills and this is perfectly paced, it is under 90 minutes, they could have extended it a bit but in the short time they develop the characters that are the hunters and which ones you want to see live. This is a future cult classic for sure!

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