Thursday, July 1, 2010

Film News Round Up 7-1-10 SPIDER MAN!
Nice, i'm a massive fan of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, i think he can pull it off.Alot more charisma than Tobey, i still think they should've just done a fourth, but so far i like the screenwriters, director & cast(thus far). IT and Pet Cemetery
So both seem to be a go, i'm not big on Pet Cemetery so a remake doesn't bother me, the original IT was a mini series so i'm not against a theatrical version either, but i think i could get excited for a IT film honestly. Annie in Scream 4
I'm not too excited for Scream 4, i'll see it but i'm not gonna jizz over it, but i will jizz over Alison Brie, i dig her show Community plus her sex tales are awesome! The other new cast members aren't bad either, as i like Shelton in Planet Terror & Sin City, and Knudsen i liked in Youth in Revolt(review coming soon) and he's in Scott Pilgrim, my most anticipated film of the year.

I'm not one for remakes, but in my opinion, that looks pretty damn good, i like both the kids in the lead roles too, will it be as good as the original, probably not, will it be as entertaining, probably not, will i see it yes i will.

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