Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Human Centipede

So a few weeks back i got the opportunity to see the Human Centipede at midnight, i was pumped to see it, and it was a good showing, but the film itself, while well made, wasn't something to make me jizz over for weeks on end.

I loved the opening cold open, where Dr. Heiter(Dieter Laser) awaits for a trucker to pull over to drain the lizard, and pulls out a shotgun. We then meet Lindsay & Jenny(Ashley C. Williams & Ashlynn Yennie), who get a flat tire, and arrive at Heiter's home, he drugs their drinks and the next day the two, along with the trucker, are in hospital beds, not able to move their legs, Heiter explains his operation. He connects the three and forces them to fetch papers, and feeds one)all food). Two officers arrive questioning Heiter, and the centipede escapes. The trucker kills himself & Heiter gets the better of one of the cops, but he & the other finish each other off, featuring one of my favorite head shots in recent memory. It's not a very complex film, and easy to explain, and i did enjoy it, but it wasn't as great as i had hoped.

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