Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Youth In Revolt

I finally got around to seeing Youth In Revolt last week on dvd, i had hoped to catch it in theatres but never got around to it, i wish i had, cause i really liked it.

It tells the story of Nick Twisp(Michael Cera), a 16 year old who jerks off alot, loves Sinatra, and is fond of Fellini films, his mom(Jean Smart) is dating an obnoxious oaf, Jerry(Zach Galifinakis) after selling a bad car to some navy folk, they bail town and go stay at a trailer few towns over. There Nick meets Nora...fuck, wrong Michael Cera movie, sorry he meets Sheeni(Portia Doubleday), who shares his same passions, the two fall in love quickly but Nick must go back home, so he deecides to get kicked out of his moms house to move in with his dad(Steve Buscemi) who Nick & SHeeni scam into gettign a job. In order to get kicked out Nick decides to do bad things, such as stealing cars, tagging stuff and disobeying rules. He succeeds but once back, Sheeni is gone, her parents found out about him stealign a car & it crashing into a building and exploding, so they sent her to boarding school. SO Nick & his new friend Vijay(Adhir Kalyan) decide to pay her a visit. Nic kalmost pops his cherry but the school staff finds out about the two males and act fast. Nick then plans on getting her kicked out, so he sends sleeping pills to an easily manipulated classmate of Sheeni's to drop into her drinks. She is dismissed from school and just when everything looks to be on the up & up, Sheeni's ex boyfriend, Trent(Jonathan Bradford Wright), shows up and reveals what Nick had done, after some runaways, crossdressing, and sex, Nick is finally caught, and goes to jail, but he gets the girl! It also features hilarious performances from Ray Liota, Fred Willard & Justin Long, aswell as damn fine animated sequences. I've read fans of the book hated it, but i'll have to read the book & make up my own mind.

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