Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

So Disney's Fantasia is a trippy flick, and it features a great scene of Mickey Mouse using magic and bringing mops to life, and water flooding, based on a poem, 70 years later it's turned into a feature film, and a pretty fun family flick at that.

Balthazar(Nicholas Cage) was an apprentice to Merlin(James A. Stephens), along with Veronica(Monica Bellucci) and Maxim(Alfred Molina), Balthazar is boning Veronica and Maxim is jealous so he turns evil, and helps Morgan le Fay(Alice Krige) attempt to take over, Balthazar does battle with many to save the world, but Morgan goes into Veronica(gigidy) aso he traps them in a nesting doll, he does the same to Maxim aswell. Merlin dies but gives him a ring, a ring that will go to the chosen one who will stop Morgan forever. Then we meet a little kid named Dave(Jake Cherry), who likes to draw King Kong on the window of the school bus and likes this girl named Becky (Peyton R. List). He gives her one of those do you liek me notes, she checks an answer but the wind takes it away, and he chases after it, it goes to an old antique shop ran by Balthazar, once there the ring accepts Dave and he must take it to Mordo and destroy it, but seriously he lets out Maxim, and a wizard battle happens, but both get trapped in a vase, Dave meanwhile is made fun of for making up stories and "peeing" his pants. Flash forward 10 years later, he is a physics major in college played by the awesome Jay Baruchel, re meets Becky(Teresa Palmer) and is chased by a recently released Maxim(the cover girl sucked though for the recently released issue), and saved by Balthazar. Dave becomes his apprentice and must learn the ways of the force. It features the mop scene, and has some pretty decent cgi in some pretty cool scenes. Cage is having fun in it and Toby Kebbell, who plays Maxim's right hand man, is the best part. Not a great film by any standards, but it was actually pretty fun.

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