Saturday, July 17, 2010


So we all love Predator, it's a awesome sci fi/horror/action flick, Arnold, Carl Weather, Jesse the Body, and Shane "i wrote & directed Kiss Kiss Bang Nag" Black along with others, go to the jungle to rescue hostages but wind up doing battle with an alien, no not ALIEN, that's his enemy as seen in the kick ass sequel where Danny Glover is too old for this shit and on the Predators ass, along with Gary Busey. There was a kick ass comic book & video game called ALIEN vs Predator, along with two piece of shit films, but we're here to talk about this summers Predators!

Royce(Adrian Brody), Isabelle(Alice Braga), Edwin(Topher Grace), Nikolai(Oleg Taktarov), Stan(Walton Goggins), Hanzo(Louis Ozawa Changchien ), Mombasa(Mahershalalhashbaz Ali)& Cuchillo(Mr. Badass Danny Trejo) all fall from the sky, and are at odds, they soon learn they're on an island full of others & must push a button every 108 minutes, i mean they find out they're on a different planet. The do battle with the Predator and meet up with Ronald(Larry Fishburne) who seems helpful, but talks to himslef and tries to smother everyone with smoke in his hideout. From that point people start getting killed off left and right, there is no real build up and the kills don't mean anything. Brody is pretty good in the flick, but he has soem contrived lines, how did he know it was a hunting reserve so quick? How did he know Isabelle had seen the Predator before, and why, why did they try to team him up with a Predator? I also enjoyed Grace, but but his heel turn(for those wrestling fans out there)seemed forced, but he played it well. I enjoyed the film but it wasn't anything i'll rush out to buy, in fact it may be years before i even see it again. Also that kick ass shot of multiple predators aiming Royce, was in the trailers only, in the film, it's one sole predator aiming at him.

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