Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Solitary Man

Solitary Man is the story of Ben(Michael Douglas) who was once on top of the car dealer game, and was on the cover of Forbes, he received bad news from the doctors but doesn't wish to find out what it is. He takes his girlfriend Jordan's(Mary Louise Parker) daughter Allyson(Imogen Poots) to her college interview. There he meets Cheston(Jesse Eisenberg) who he tried to break out of his shell to meet girls, and later on, slleps wih Allyson herself. Allyson tells her mom about the affair and Ben's life goes on a wild ride from there. His daughter Susan(Jenna Fischer) gets fed up with his deadbeatness toward her son so she cuts him off. He moves to the college town and works for his old pal Jimmy(Danny Devito). He receives threats & beatings, from employees of Allyson's father, his ex wife SLUT, Janet Veiss..Weiss...SLut, i mean Nancy(Susan Sarandon) meets up with him on campus and asks if e would like a ride home or if he wants to stay, a young chick passes by, he looks at her, looks at Nancy, then stands up...fade to black. This may be the lil indie film that could this year, i loved it, everyone was great in it, and it was cool to see a coming of age story about an older man.

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