Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Terminator Franchise Ranked

31 years, 5 films, tons of fanboy debate on timelines, continuity, which films are better, and so many quotes to drop day to day. Why yes the Terminator is back Here is a rundown of how i rank the series.

1. Terminator
To me this is the best made & my favorite. It feels like a straight up horror flick, the score is great & it is badass vs badass in this one.

2. T2 Judgement Day
The film that helped put James Cameron's film ideas on the map, make him a bigger star & make CGI the norm, hell in my opinion the cgi in this, 24 fucking years ago, is better looking that most of the shit we have now. As for the film, it is pure badass, but John's age is a nitpick, but who cares, the big thing this film gave us was constant talk of time paradox. With the machines dead & Miles dead, will skynet continue? Well....

3. T3 Rise of the Machines
This film is super flawed but it is fun, John can be a tad whinny here & there but the flick keeps a decent pace, sure some of the humor is a miss but it is light fair, but it almost feels like a different franchise.

4. T4 Salvation
This one i finally saw for my second time the other day, first time since the day it came out, and you know, i still enjoy it, i always wanted to see a man vs machine war flick, but i just wish it had shown more of the actual war, and alot more machines.

5. Ugh, T5 Genisys
Okay, well i guess 3 & 4 don't exist in this film......cause in 1997 Judgement Day happened, so Kyle goes back in time to 1984 but Sarah is already aware of this, and saves him, cause she was raised by a Terminator. Well instead of fucking in 84 to have John born in 85, they travel to just killed mankind. Wait hold on, Judgement Day never happened, 2017 all is well, except Genisys is about to make Skynet happen. Ugh. The film is not boring i will give it that, it is just mind numbing & a cluster fuck.

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