Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Green Inferno

Well after years of waiting the Green Inferno is finally on its way out, and the other night i was able to view it at the Bruce Campbell Groovy Film Fest, with an introduction by Eli Roth. Super cool guy, and a great flick. It exceeded my expectations for sure, the characters are likable for the most part, sure they are heavy handed social justice warriors but they are presented in a way where you support them, even if their decisions are stupid at times, Upon being caught by the tribe in Peru the group is offed one by one in gloriously bloody glory, the cheers came loud & often with the deaths, sure they were likable but the film is about the gore, after all it wants to be Cannibal Holocaust, and with all the deaths the film knows how to add in dark humor, but it doesn't halt the impact of the gore & violence we see on the screen. For those of you that think this film pales in comparison to CH, well  yeah, obviously Eli wasn't going to kill animals on film for art, this is 2015, but for a 2015 film, a film that will play in theatres, it pushes the envelope greatly. Thank you Eli Roth for making a film that few could make! You got arguably the best acting out of all your films, possibly the best f/x out of your films, and the best looking film you have made.

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