Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Most Anticipated Films

1. Rogue One: Star Wars
After this year how could a new SW flick not be on top of this list? Sure we wont have the same punch in anticipation as Force Awakens, but who care, it is a new SW!

2. Phantasm 5
Hopefully this is finally the year this comes out.....hopefully!

3. Yoga Hosers
Rumored that the Canadian horror canon and the askewniverse canon are meshing together in this one!

4. Conjuring 2
James Wan is back in horror to helm the sequel to his masterpiece!

5. X Men Apocalypse
My favorite non Batman superhero franchise!

6. Doctor Strange
My most anticipated MCU flick since the first Avengers!

7. Suicide Squad
Love the comic, loved the trailer, i hope dc knocks it out!

8. Batman vs Superman
See above!

9. Civil War
Basically Avengers 3!

10. The Nice Guys
Shane Black's first original flick since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

11. Everybody Wants Some
Richard Linklater is now a Academy love child after Boyhood....this is more in tone with Dazed & Confused....alright alright alright!

12. John Wick 2
So yeah, John Wick basically kick our asses, i hope the ante is upped!

13. Zoolander 2
After years of waiting(over a decade, a decade & a half...we finally get to see blue steel again!

14. The Purge 3
If The Purge Anarchy was everything we wanted the Purge to be, maybe escalation will continue!

15. Neon Demon
I was underwhelmed by Only God Forgives, but i hope this is more in the Drive category!

16. 31
I am sure this will be a highly talked about flick since it is NC17, they normally don't get wide releases, not saying this will, but i know it will be the widest released nc 17 ever....unless it gets cut to R, then again Lords of Salem got a small release too.

17. Star Trek Beyond
Ugh, shut up about this looking like a Fast & the Furious flick, no it doesn't, folks only say that cause of its director, i am stoked since Simon Pegg co wrote it!

18. Hail Caesar
Erm Cohen Bros

19. Silence
Erm Martin Scorsese

20. Live By Night
Erm Ben Affleck's follow up to Argo! Each film of his keeps getting better!

21. Deadpool
I just hope the humor doesn't feel forced.

22. ID4
Totally makes sense for aliens to wait 20 years to invade again, i just want a fun popcorn flick!

23. Jungle Book
Jon Favreau directs a live action version of my favorite Disney cartoon(suck a fuck Frozen)

24. Green Room
If you have not seen Murder Party or Blue Ruin, do so!

25. Midnight Special
If you have not seen Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter or Mud, do so!

26. TMnt 2
I didn't hate, nor did i love the remake, but i hope this one is awesome!

27. Neighbors 2
The first was surprisingly hilarious!

28. Sausage Party
Been in the works for a while, hope it delivers the lulz

29. Lala Land
From the director of Whiplash

30. Demolition
Dallas Buyers Club & Wild were super intense, this should be the same!

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