Wednesday, January 13, 2016

American Horror Story Hotel

So the first season of AHS was awesome, it was a lil twisted, more perverse than Walking Dead, with dark humor added in, pretty awesome show. The second season, Asylum, was super spotty, they threw too much in and not alot stuck. The third season, Coven, was tighter crafted, but by this time, knew the audience and kept the weird vibe going strong, not quite as good as the first but an improvement on the second. The fourth, Freak Show, tried too hard to be different & edgy, and wound up failing. The latest, Hotel, started off great, full on Shining references, shocks....well most started that way, but this one had a different vibe, 90's industrial vibe, i dug it....sadly it wound up being super dull, the finale was a huge what the fuck is going on, i love the serial killers but it made no sense, Sarah Paulson using her character from season 1 felt forced, and the whole plot felt like a redo of the original season. I am so glad next year is the final season!

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