Sunday, January 3, 2016

Top Shows of 2015

1. Mr Robot
I knew next to nothing about this show, only reason i watch is because it played at SXSW, but for a show on USA....holy hell, this was the most gripping show on tv, and possibly the best crafted film of any kind, of the year.

2. THe Leftovers
Damon Lindelof gets alot of hate, but he ran my favorite show of all time LOST, and now is on this, the first season was great, but season 2, was next to untouchable.

3. Community
Dan Harmon gave us a gift of a final season, now we just need our movie!

4. South Park
The show reinvented itself this year, serialized things and as usual was brilliant.

5. Scream Queens
This was my shit, sure the finale was iffy but this was everything a horror loving humorist could ask for!

6. Evil Dead
Alot more in tone with the later films as Ash is more comedic but who care, blood, humor, fast paced, what more can you ask for?

7. The Following
If this is the final season(which the dvd confirms) then it ended great, if we get a film follow up.....then yay, as the show is open ended.

8. Silicon Valley
Best sitcom and funniest sitcom on the air.

9 Rick & Morty
Might not have any more Community but this lives on!

10. Wet Hot American Summer
Brilliant spoof/satire/reunion!

11. Gotham
Best comic show on tv!

12. Big Time In Hollywood FL
A must see for all of us sad sack filmmakers

13. Broad City
Not too many shows can match it pack of a punch for laughs.

14. Game of Thrones
The show started off pretty bad this season but the second half was worth it!

15. Daredevil
Best Marvel on tv!

16. Parks & Rec
Great farewell season

17. Louie
Best dramedy on tv

18. Better Call Saul
Jonathan Banks as Mike owns this show!

19. Mike Tyson
This should not be this funny

20. Simpsons
Much like SP the show found new life this season!

21. Wayward Pines
I am pissed it has a second season, the first ended in a perfect way.

22. You're the Worst
One of the most raw shows on tv, speaks great truth.

23. Master of None
The most honest show on tv

24. THe Muppets
We should all celebrate a new Muppet series!

25. Jessica Jones
Mainly watched for Luke Cage and to look at Kristen Ritter but damn, David Tenant was awesome!

26. Fargo
Genre bending brilliance!

27. Orange is the New Black
Much like GoT the show started off meh this season but got awesome again, and Ruby Rose....schwing!

28. Z Nation
Best zombie show on the air.....yeah i said it, even if it was stupid this season!

29. Man Seeking Woman
Such a surreal lil show

30. Workaholics
This show does what it wants

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