Sunday, January 3, 2016

Quentin Tarantino Ranked

So Hateful Eight is now out, and holy fuck is it great. it is dividing people but those that are hating it seem to be hating it for the "self indulgent" aspects, yes there are plenty but i dug those supposed moments, to me this might be his best since Pulp Fiction.

Here is how i rank them as far as my favorites go! Let it be known my favorite script of his is True Romance.

1. Pulp Fiction
His masterpiece, one of the most iconic films of the 90s, and one of the all time great. QT lifts European Cinema elements, adds in dark humor & violence, a brilliant screenplay with great dialogue, along with the non lineat story telling makes this his best.

2. Reservoir Dogs
Possibly his second best crafted, yet such a simple premise, a small cast and minimal locations, such a quotable flick and one of the definitive indies of the 90s.

3. Kill Bill
Alot hate QT films for being talky, this is the film for them, his bloodiest by far and possibly his funnest, it is almost non stop action, well the first volume and the second has the "story" without derailing it at all.

4. Hateful Eight
Much like Reservoir Dogs it has a simple premise & small cast plus a minimal location, but add in even more wit & dark humor, even more gore(possibly his most since Kill Bill), and some fantastic cinematography, this is his most gorgeous film!

5. Death Proof
If we were putting the entire Grindhouse film as one, this would be number 2 or 3, but here i am just talking about QT's half. His might be the better of the two but Planet Terror is funner, neither are true exploitation, PT is too glossy, DP is too witty!

6. Django Unchained
This is the film i wanted Inglorious Basterds to be, carnage, men on a mission. It slows down a bit in the second half but is still great!

7. Jackie Brown
Easily his most underrated(hell even i am doing so)

8. Inglorious Basters
Christoph Waltz & Brad Pitt are great in it, the violence in tremendous but the dialogue is a bit much, the pacing is a huge issue here.

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