Sunday, January 10, 2016

Favorite Films of 2015

While there are still a few films from 2015 i need to watch, Legend, Room, True Story, Last Shift, Wold of Kanako, Night Owls, i have now seen the ones i NEEDED to see, here is my top 50 out of the 110 films(give or take 1 or 2) i saw in 2015.

1. The Force Awakens
I had not been this stoked for a film in years, the anticipation, the first viewing, the pay off, everything worked, this was a perfect Star Wars film, a perfect blockbuster, a perfect sci fi flick, i can not wait to see the rest!

2. Fury Road
So you have this trilogy, the first one is awesome, the second is better, the third is lackluster(but still fun), then you wait 30 years for a fourth.....and it winds up being one of the most kick ass films in years, a sequel that might be better than the original trilogy, and a film that shows old time genre film makers can still get the job done.

3. Burying the Ex
Stuck in a crummy relationship? Is there a girl that shares your interests? Boom, this flick speaks to you, hate your job? Boom, enjoy a film that is hilarious? Here you go! Joe Dante's best since Small Soldiers, maybe even longer, awesome flick!

4. Jurassic World
Alot find flaws in this flick, it is a fun summer blockbuster, turn off your mind, relax & float down good now? Good, cause this is the Jurassic Park sequel we deserved!

This is a great year for great films, i hope this get nominations, it is intense & well acted, terrific film! This has awards all over it but i doubt will get recognition, it should. It is like they say in True Romance, NOW THAT'S A MOVIE!

6. It Follows
The best concept for a horror film in years, and easily the best horror film since The Conjuring. The film is legit creepy, and it has the years best score.

7. Kingsman
Matthew Vaughn might be my favorite current director besides Edgar Wright, his films are all super fun and balls to the wall, the church scene alone rivals the insanity of Mad Max Fury Road!

8. Final Girls
Another horror film for horror fan. This is a slasher fans wet dream of a flick, hilarious(it has a great cast of comedicly trained actors) awesome tributes & gore and a brilliant concept!

9. The Night Before
This film got a shit ton of hate, i have no idea why, maybe you have to be a person that enjoys an altered state of mind to enjoy, but this was the most realistic trip flick i have seen, the shit that happens can suck, both situations and with friends, and the heart is there, as are the laughs, i laughed my ass off during this, as did my friends, i can't wait to laugh with them again in future viewings, a new christmas favorite for me!

10. Bone Tomahawk
Yep, i rank this above the Hateful Eight, both are awesome, both are gory, both star Kurt Russell, both have great acting, both look gorgeous, but this one does it better(sure Hateful Eight wins in the humor department)

11. Dope
In a perfect world this would be nominated for best picture, it is a shame how much attention it is not getting, a film that deserves to be seen!

12. Me & Earl & The Dying Girl
Super charming & sad flick, not sappy at all & full of heart, if you hate cancer check it out, if you are an aspiring film maker check it out!

13. The Stanford Prison Experiment
I love this story, always have, ever since i first read about the incident, then i saw the Adrian Brody vehicle, which was awesome, then saw the German version, both were different, both were awesome. Now we get the more low key & artsy version, and it is the best yet, it is the most realistic & the most in tone with the legit event. Much like Dope, in a perfect world this would get nominations!

14. Body
Another Christmas flick, this is a simple story yet done in a great way, hard to talk about with out spoilers.

15. Sleeping With Other People
Great story, relatable situations, another realistic trip scene, Alison Brie, a film that should speak volumes to today's generation.

16. Creed
As much as i loved Rocky Balboa, and loved how it ended the series, this film was fresh & starts a spin off series off perfectly

17. Ex Machina
Poe & Hux from Star Wars with a sex bot that looks like Padme but is not a sex bot! But seriously, brilliant science fiction!

18. Funhouse Massacre
Alot of films like this have come out, most miss the mark, this is a totally awesome haunted house(fun house, halloween house) flick!

19. While We're Young & Mistress America(tie)
Noah Baumbach redeems himself after Frances Ha!

20. BIg Short
Adam McKay delivers a great drama, a drama that is still funny, the way this is shot & the naratation on display is brilliant!

21. Spring
Gorgeous horror film, alot of times when internet horror darlings are seen, they disappoint, not this one, this here was brilliant. It is a dramatic love story that turns into a horror film, it deserves the praise it got!

22. Turbo Kid
If you love Kick Ass & Mad Max, check this out for sure!

23. Hateful Eight
Tarantino's best since possibly Pulp Fiction!

24. Lavalantula & Sharknado 3(tie)
Syfy knows how to do EVENT monster movies!

25. Maze Runner 2
Better than Hunger Games, plus zombies!

26. Ant Man
If Edgar Wright had directed this, it would probably be my second favorite film of the year.

27. Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocalypse
Another film that got alot of hate, i thought it was hilarious plus it was an awesome zombie flick!

28. Age of Ultron
Alot were let down by this one, sure it was not the first but it sort of served as a set up for future MCU flicks(though the other films should be set ups for Avengers, but oh well), if the end didn't get you excited for future films, not sure what is wrong, i loved it, a few characters were more developed, the humor was still strong, the action scenes were well done, and Elizabeth Olson is hot.....yeah!

29. San Andreas
I was not expecting a big dumb disaster film to be on this list, but it was too much fun!

30. Vacation
Sorry, not sorry, i thought it was hilarious

31. Before We Go
Another film bashed by critics, this is such a charming flick, Chris Evans has a bright future as a director.

32. Adult Beginners
Charming little flick with fine performances!

33. The Walk
I love Man on Wire, such an incredible story, i prefer the doc but this is a film that serves it justice!

34. Hellions
If you like the Wickerman, Nightmare on Elm ST, Evil Dead & Trick R Treat, check this out, has elements from all!

35. The Editor
Astron 6 does it again, great tribute to giallos!

36. Voices
I think if Deadpool disappoints, that this will become a black up slice of awesome.....if Deadpool is awesome, then double bill!

37. Green Inferno & Knock Knock and He Never Died(tie)
Most who bashed this have never seen Cannibal flicks, maybe Cannibal Holocaust, but for an american theatrical film, this pushed the limit! Eli Roth did two pretty awesome flicks this year, this has a 90s slease factor to it! Not his best work by any means but highly enjoyable! He Never Died I saw at the same festival as Green Inferno. Henry Rollins as a sadsack possible schizo, you go on a killing spree? Fuck yes!

38. Predestination
A mind fuck of a time travel film, and a ballsy ass film too!

39. The Gift
A lifetime type of a movie, but with a decent budget, great acting and not on lifetime!

40. Anomolisa
This is the Charlie Kaufman screenplay followup to Eternal Sunshine we deserved, sorry was not a fan of Synecdoche New York

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