Sunday, January 3, 2016

Evil Dead series Ranked

Now that the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead is over i shall rank the original trilogy!

1. Evil Dead
The masterpiece, Sam Raimi's horror film, made super cheap and with amazing effect!

2. Evil Dead 2
They "remade" Evil Dead but instead of a group of friends it is just Ash & Linda, plus they amped the comedy, making it splat stick and upped the gore in doing so!

3. Evil Dead 3
The most known of the series, the one folks think of when they see Bruce Campbell, it is pure comedy wrapped around a fantasy, still an awesome flick though. It too remade a part of the previous chapter.

I hated the remake/quasi sequel with  a passion

So how was the series? Well it was everything you could hope for, humor, blood, plot twists, blood, humor, humor, blood, blood......blood......especially as each episode progressed, and each one was full filling, i loved them it was a fun & refreshing series! The finale has split people but i think it is leading to batshit season 2.

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  1. Ash vs. Evil Dead havn´t been showed in scandinavia yet )-: Psyched to see the series

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