Sunday, January 10, 2016

Phantasm Ranked

Sad news hit today as Angus Scrimm passed away, to honor him here is one of the greatest horror franchises ranked. This is a franchise i rank up there with Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm ST, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Dead trilogy & Evil Dead. While Dawn is on my top five, i don't put it as a franchise since it is only a trilogy in genre, Halloween is on my top 5 yet as a whole the Phantasm series has such a strong mythology. I once pitched an idea to Reggie Banister for a sequel, we spoke of it for nearly 30 minutes, one year later he told me he told Angus the idea, i was on cloud 9. This is a series of films i have watched since i was a wee lad(well all the mentioned films i did) but this one sticks out so much, i loved the imagery of it, It was a science fiction horror hybrid that took you to other worlds, had yellow blood & had jawas(well not really) It helped that the series has had the same creative force behind it, these films deserve to be treated as classics, perhaps now they will get a re watch them or discover them for the first time, these are perfect midnight movies, a perfect series for a marathon(seriously you can watch all 4 in basically the same time it would take to watch Hateful Eight & the Revenant as a double bill). It is a favorite of JJ Abrams, Darth Phasma....the name is inspired by Phantasm, the silver of her outfit, inspired by the spheres, plus JJ is working on a restoration. From the sounds of it, we might even get a double bill of the restored original and Ravager.....the fifth one, and my second most anticipated film of 2016(it was on my 2015 most anticipated too). It is the only film i own on CED(similar to laser disk), I may tear up when i read For Angus when Phantasm 5 comes out!

1. Phantasm
The original is creepy, has a great atmosphere, and is a general great horror film.

2. Phantasm 2
Alot more action in this chapter, it delves more into other dimensions.

3. Phantasm 3
A reunion of the original cast, gets a little more over the top, adds in kung fu.

4. Phantasm 4
The reason this is last is not a knock on it, plenty hate this chapter, it is the most batshit of the bunch, but i love it!

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