Sunday, June 26, 2016

Game of Thrones

Well, i nearly gave up on this season, it bored the fuck out of me, then the last 4 regained my trust, each getting better & better, toss up between the last two i suppose! The Nights Watch/Wildling/Stark vs Bolton story had the best cap off of the series, that battle was amazing, the backing of Snow set up season 6 perfectly. Arya started off in a boring angle but quickly became super captivating and her seeking vengeance on two people was done in perfect Arya fashion! Did the HOund need to return? No but atleast we never saw him did *cough*Glenn*cough* . Cersei bored me up until the finale, and now we have a unruly ruler again, and the one that was truly in charge of our last unruly ruler in Joffrey. The Greyjoys, Tyrells & Martel's backing Daenery's is setting up some fantastic battles for next year. Bran's flashviews possibly paid off at the end if book rumors are true, the death of Hodor didn't have much of a payoff in terms of tears for a fallen friend go however.

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