Saturday, June 25, 2016

ID4 2

20 years ago the 90s got their definitive alien summer blockbuster in Independence Day, it is pure popcorn but it hold up, i brushed off my VHS the other night and had fun with it, is it a masterpiece? Ah hell no! Is it fun? Sorry Will Smith i must go all Steve Austin, Oh Hell Yeah! The sequel, well, the first is good popcorn, this one not so much. It is still fun popcorn and a easy 2 hours, but as a film, it has problems the attack is too abrupt, characters die that you forget died cause you don't care about em, shit happens for no reason. Jeff Goldblum & Brent Spiner are the best parts, Bill Pullman is pretty good too, the battles are clunky but these guys are having fun, and the audience should have fun too. I am glad Will Smith wasn't in it but i wish that Mae Whitman & James Duval were in it! If you just want a fun alien flick, then check it out, if you want They Live then watch they live, if you want 2001 then watch 2001.

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