Sunday, June 26, 2016

Orange is the New Black

Well OITNB improved alot over season 3, the first two were solid, 3 was super spotty, but to me this may have been the best season yet. Piper went from head honho kingpin to a Nazi gang leader to her old self, Voss, Lolly, Red, their storyline carried out all season and the pay off worked well. Sophia's storyline took a backseat but we needed that to show how fucked the prison system can be. Crazy Eyes had a roller coaster of a year, both her fucked up flashback, and what she was forced to do behind bars. The divide of whites & Dominicans was a bit of a rehash but it paid off well with unity against the prison guards. The role they had this year was stricter than usual and at times uneasy, especially those last few episodes, The start of season 5 will be nuts, now to wait 12 months and see what happened, and unlike Walking Dead, the cliff hanger works here, it fit the vibe of the episode with its fade into the final on screen moment of a happier time for a fallen inmate!

We need Ruby Rose!

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