Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Lobster

The Lobster is one of the more unique films out there, you don't find love, boom, we turn you into whichever animal you want to be, great concept, and a damn solid film. The film speaks volumes on modern dating, especially online dating, the questionnaires plus just damn settling for beneath you or lying to get into the status quo. On top of that it shows those that get rejected or reject love and the walls they themselves put up and judge others upon. It shows a bleak future of conformity and one that almost brings folks back to white picket fence 50s, with a tad more hedonism tossed in. The film does drag at parts and could of used trimming here or there, but otherwise it is a good flick, i think it will find an audience on Netflix!


  1. The film definitely has some interesting ideas going on, but I agree that it dragged a bit too much.

    - Zach (

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