Thursday, June 2, 2016

TMNT Out of the Shadows

Okay so it is well known that i love the turtles, i have since i was a baby, i was born in 87, right when Turtles hit mainstream popularity, and for 10 years, they were my shit. Then that awful live action series happened and the rest is history...or is it? I watched some of the 2003 cartoon, and it was pretty cool, then i loved the 2007 movie. The 2013 series, meh, too kiddy but i do hear it has awesome references! Then came the 2014 film, and well, i was let down by it, i mean the original movie was awesome, it was a PG version of the comic, the second one, was basically them attempting the merge the comic & the cartoon, and the third, well, the third is a piece of shit. The fourth was like the cartoon but wasn't dumbed down for us late teen to early 30s guys that loved the series. The 2014 film felt like they were capitalizingon the super hero genre but just made a by the numbers film, i will rewatch it soon to see if it has changed. The sequel however, holy shit, i thought it was awesome! This is how a Turtles film should be, the action sequences weren't kiddy, they were fun, the villain wasn't campy(well Baxter was, damn you Tyler Perry) and it had stuff for adults but was still light & fun enough for everyone. It felt like a true Hollywood edition of the cartoon but with a crew that studied the comic. This had Bebop & Rocksteady, it had Krang & the Technodome, it teased that we will see Baxter in his fly form, yes the film needed more Shredder but i think the third one might be super batshit, especially if they embrace the weirdness of the universe and its characters. Honestly to me at the moment, i think this is my favorite superhero film of the year!Like no joke, i had a blast with this film, i think if you truly love the Turtles you will enjoy it, don't go in wanting to hate it cause of Michael Bay, go in open and think, hey this is an improvement on the first, and if you liked the first, well no problem, you will like this one!

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