Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Neon Demon

I was thinking of doing a ranking of Nicolas Refn's work, but instead i feel that it would be best to look at escalation. I first became aware of Refn after Bronson hit dvd, i rented it and fell in love with it, then along came Drive, and it came in my eyes, like semen everywhere! Was hooked, so i watched the Pusher flicks, yep you can tell that is early Refn for sure, Valhalla Rising was spotty and didn't really fit with his films but was still solid, but i held Drive in such a high regard that anything that followed would be on top my anticipation list, and that film was Only God Forgives, and it let me down, it looked gorgeous but it felt like style over substance, but perhaps now, now perhaps, i might just have to rewatch it, as Neon Demon was amazing. Like it feels as if there should be a bridge film between this & Drive, and that alone makes me want to revisit OGF, now on to the main event, the Neon Demon! Wow, just wow, this flick looks gorgeous, it is set decorated, costume designed and make up driven up the ass, lubed up with glitter, fucked on satin sheets and climaxed under a strobe light! Elle Fanning, this is your coming out party, one she is super beautiful in this, and two, she goes from naive & innocent to a smug bitch really well. Jenna Malone does her best acting possibly ever, Keanu Reeves plays a totally different character than usual here and does it perfectly and in a small role at that. The score is easily the best since It Follows, it is very John Carpenter & Goblin inspired. The film reminds me of Dario Argento, not just the color scheme but the way the characters are portrayed and the way the tension is built, a tad bit Roman Polanski aswell. Pair this film up with Black Swan and take some shrooms, float down stream and enjoy this brilliant piece of cinema!

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  1. I wasn't a huge fan of OGF, but I thought The Neon Demon was much better. Nice review.

    - Zach (