Sunday, August 7, 2016

2 Lava 2 Lantula

Where to start? Steve Guttenberg & Michael Winslow wearing cop uniforms? The references to Predator, Star Wars, Poltergeist, Scarface, odd Fast & the Furious jokes(a few), Terminator, Miami Vice, Pulp Fiction(Zed's Dead, my huge mark out moment), Jurassic Park, Dr Strangelove. The chemistry between the actors? The fact you could tell everyone was having a blast? The syfy channel gore that wasn't really gory but just pure fun.....the fact that this was just pure fun? Seeing as how this takes place in the same universe as Sharknado and that Z Nation takes place in the Sharknado world to, i would love for 1) there to be a Sharknado vs Lavalantula flick, and 2) for Guttenberg & Ian Ziering to cameo on that show, both talking about how easy they had it with Tarantulas & Sharks. I hope they do more of these, they are a blast

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