Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sausage Party

I love Seth Rogen, i loved him when i first discovered him on Undeclared, then even more so in his Apatow flicks, along the way he came into his own, he & Evan Goldberg run their own production company and keep giving us gold(well maybe not Neighbors 2). For my money the funniest film in the past 2 years is the Night Before, so i love the way these two write & direct.I know they don't direct animation so they had to hire someone that could, and find animators to perfectly capture the vibe they wanted.....and they did. Sausage Party is pretty much a Pixar/Blue Skyesque production but done Hard R, it captures the tone of those Pixar films to a T, The musical elements are amazing, the wonder of the characters lives & missions, the look, the interaction of bewilderment when crossing paths with a human, all was amazing, except done in an R Rated stance. The film wasn't as funny as i thought, like all the best gags are in the red band trailer, however i still laughed a lot, just not as constantly as i had hoped. The two final scenes for me, were the best, along with the first bath salts scene, that sex scene pushed limits for even a theatrical feature, and it was brilliant. The deaths were fantastic too, i wasn't expecting that much violence, or any at all actually(outside of food deaths). I just wish they went harder for the entire film, but i get what they were going for so i accept it.

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