Wednesday, August 24, 2016

6 Days: 23 Hours Wrestling

So last Friday was Ring Of Honor's Death Before Dishonor, an event that was pretty damn solid, with the best match being Adam Cole winning the World title from Jay Lethal's year plus reign, long live the Bullet Club(part 1, as they picked up 2 more wins that night as well). Saturday i worked the first event for Now This is Wrestling featuring Vince Russo & Bobby Lashley, with the best match being Aric Cannon defeating Duke Cornell. That same night was NXT Takeover Brooklyn, just wow, what a GLORIOUS event, Bobby Roode, setting up Hideo Itami vs Austin Aries, an amazing Tag Team match, and amazing women's match, and an amazing main event. The next night, not so much, Summerslam was a mixed bag, i liked the ending, it seemed legit, i accept it, the best match is Aj beating up and pinning John Cena, also seeing Balor win the title was huge. Some of the matches were subpar, fine most were, but the good outweighs the bad. Raw saw the debut of Bayley, the advancement of Big Cass, further tease for Jericho vs Owens, a sad Balor moment, and a possible retirement of dem damn Dudleyz. Tuesday's SD was better than Raw, to me their tag division is better than Raw's as is their Women's division, also Slater is gold. Tonight we had NXT with Tye Dillinger The CWC showing why it is the best wrestling program around, and the best ROH in a long time. Fitting that i book ended this week with ROH events. After tonight i am ready to take a break from wrestling until Monday, but i will still be day dreaming about the sport and reading about my passion.

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