Sunday, August 14, 2016


*Sigh* I wanted to see this only due to Kevin Smith, but holy shit, it is awful.

Valentines Day
It was a good short, glad it was just a short though.

ST Patrick's Day
Awful pure awful, that is all i will say about this piece of shit.

Good concept, horribly executed, ugly & dull.

Mother's Day
Boring as fuck, pointless, what the fuck did I just suffer through?  You were not surreal, your were a shit covered tampon!

Father's Day
This one was okay....kept my attention, unique presentation.

Sweet jesus Kevin Smith, what the fuck, i like your horror films but you fell greatly from your Askewniverse flicks, this was a vile piece of shit, , no humor, though it tried, it wasn't dark humor it was just trash, and not good trash like Troma, trash like the shit a lot of horror has become these days. Fuck, Yoga Hosers might look bad but this was the biggest piece of shit you have done, yes, worse than Cop Out.

This could have been in a better anthology movie, could have been more coherent but deserved better segments around it.

New Years Eve
Good concept, but again, sucked, Lorenza Izzo was the only decent part!

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