Friday, August 26, 2016

Don't Breathe *spoilers*

Fede Alvarez was said to revolutionize horror with the Evil Dead remake, now i have only seen it once, but i hated it. Now he has his new film Don't Breathe, and you know what, this is a tense flick. Three thieves break into the house of a blind vet, they should be the bad guys right? Not when he is a kidnapping, murderering quasi rapist. Rape, oh yes, this film has balls, it has a nutty scene that i applaud, holy fuck they went there and it was glorious. Since i posted spoilers, i will bring it up, jizz, jizz in the mouth! Take that you combat shocked rapist! Now how is the rest of the film, well the blood is good, the tension is well built, and honestly, it is quite believable, the trailer makes you think, damn this is a short not a feature or this is far fetched, but it puts you in the shit and you think, fuck, what would i do in this situation, Matt Murdoch is going to kill me. Detroit is a shit hole, either blind psychos kidnap & rape you or sex demons fuck you to death, and actually i would love to see this and It Follows as a double bill in an empty lot in Detroit, well maybe, i don't want to die. Regardless, this is a damn fine horror film!

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