Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Night Of

I did not want to like this show, even if it was good, i was hoping it was dull, I did not want to watch a new series, luckily i binged them all over the weekend....and it wasn't dull it was a well crafted masterpiece...i loved it. This is not a show you can watch all the time, this is a show they will give you anxiety, this is a show that will make your palms sweat, thay will have you clawing at your face, your heart will pound and make you need to take a walk after each viewing, put on Beetlejuice, watch Kevin Owens win the Raw Title, anything to perk you up, as it will kick your ass in the heart. The main character is a smart college kid right? No, he is a dumbass like a lot of college kids, but one you feel for, he keeps fucking up & digging deeper holes. Once shit hits the fan, you almost give up on feeling for him as the holes he digs become his own choice. The acting is fantastic, John Tuturro deserves an Emmy for this, honestly the whole series needs to sweep the 2017 Emmy's in the mini series category. I don't know if i want them to do a second season(obviously a different case), as i don't want each season to end the same, make some end on good notes, make some end on down notes, but honestly I say keep it as is, an amazing series that captivated folks in 2016 and left us wanting more, this show is a bright spot for how to do TV. In a time period where TV is almost too good, sometimes in a pretentious way, comes this, a slice of brilliance! This show needs to be studied in film school for how to build tension, and hopefully by that time, pot will be legal so folks can chill out after watching this episodes. No joke, the show is torture & a struggle to get through, but not like Walking Dead or American Horror Story, being struggles because you lose interest, no this is a struggle because it is a gripping thriller that gives your emotions a test, it is a bleak, well crafted, brilliantly acted version of Law & Order. When folks say shows are dark, show them this, sure it may not be morbid but it makes you feel like crap, and takes you on a journey of the judicial system and will make you cherish the freedom you have, or don't have, as even our freedom is watched, for better or worse. Sometimes shit works out in the end, as for the end of this, it was abrupt, but not at all ant climatic, hell it wrapped up everything with our main characters and hinted at real justice being sought out! It may not be as good as Mr. Robot but it is damn close, sure Stranger Things is more rewatchable but this is a masterpiece. Television is indeed in  the golden age!

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