Friday, August 5, 2016

Suicide Squad

Okay, so Marvel was doing great, they had an organic lay out for their universe, DC tried to play catch up and gave us a cluster fuck that was Batman v Superman, and while that was a cluster fuck, i atleast found it interesting & engaging, something Marvel hasn't done since Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians is the line in the sand, the measuring stick for Marvel & DC at the moment, and DC just so happened to be doing their own "obscure" character flick in The Suicide Squad. Now i love the comics this is based on, i thought they were kick ass, i am about a year behind, but i am a year behind on most comics, and seeing as how they just released a new number 1(seriously DC comics what the fuck?) i may have to check it out. Now let us focus on the film, i for one respected DC's ambition to do this project, however i felt like they were just doing it to jumpstart the DCU and that it should have waited.....let me go on. I also feel as though they cut the trailer to be like Guardians(i loved the trailer by the way), and that they weren't sure if they should go all R or if they should go for laughs. Well i think it should have been R but it wasn't needed, and the laughs worked just fine, not too many where it became comedy, just enough to have fun with.....oh, here comes his thoughts.

I loved it, honestly DC is ten times more interesting than Marvel, Marvel feels the same with every movie lately(well okay, Civil War & Age of Ultron) but that isn't to say i don't like those flicks, honestly i think Civil War may be better made than DC's offerings but i will take ambition anyday, and that is what DC is bringing us. It isn't a perfect film by any means, the rescue operation that lead no where, made no sense but i didn't care, it was a fun ride there, and a fun ride back, the end, was iffy, and by the end i mean the final battle, my main beef was it felt cheesy, but it felt comic book, and i loved that. I thought all the characters were well developed for the most part, sure Killer Croc just grunted most of the time but that is all he needed to do, the dynamic between Deadshot & Flagg played out well, Katana needed more stuff to do, El Diablo was pretty awesome and Enchantress was just kind of there, she started off interesting but became Gozer, to me the real villain was Waller, what a cunt! Now i want to talk about Boomerang, i hate Jai Courtney, well in most flicks anyhow, in this, i loved him, i thought he stole the show in his scenes, instant fan after this! Harley Quinn i was skeptical of as i didn't want her to be full on Hot Topic, but she was good in it, not quite the comic, not quite the cartoon, but a damn fine film version, and yes, Margot Robbie is a babe! Now i have a Joker shrine in my room, i have dressed up as the character a few times, i love the this, i don't know, Jared Leto did a good job, so not a knock on the acting, i just thought the gangster rockstar gimmick felt forced, but i did love the mannerism and the way he would laugh while being menacing!

The music was phenomenal in this, perfect choices, the colors, costuming, set design all felt comic bookish, like this felt like the comic book on the big screen, and that is all i wanted, i loved it.....except for the forced Justice League stuff(Dc you have to stop this) let it flow naturally. just make odd flicks, it is working, well for the most part, get tighter scripts. Will there be a sequel? Who knows, honestly i don't care, this is a cool stand alone flick, but i don't know how well it would do as a series, which is most comic flicks problems, villains to carry the film. I prefer DC comics to Marvel's mainly for Batman and his connected series, the films i also prefer, also due to Batman, but i want Marvel to succeed, i hope 2017 Marvel kicks DC's ass, i really do, as they make better films but they need to make interesting films, and DC needs to make better films. It is a great time to be a comic fan for the films at the moment, and i hate seeing people divide the two, i love both, i'm allowed, so are you, embrace both universes, i'm not a Marvel Guy, i'm not a DC Guy, i'm a film guy!

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