Friday, April 21, 2017


The past few years we have had a few Kaiju flicks in theatres, we had the the amazing Korean film the Host, the film that it inspired, Cloverfield, a full on tribute in Pacific Rim, modern Godzilla & King Kong flicks, Toho Godzilla, and Jurassic World. Colossal i would rank above Toho & WB's Zilla(and Kong). It is your basic Indie Rom Com, but you take away the rom com, because one of the leads is a psycho, then you place it in a kaiju film. It has tons of imagination, it balances humor & fear well, not fear in terms of horror film fear, but fear as in the human psyche, Jason Sudeikis is great in this, he shows a side of him we have not seen, hell you could take away the monsters & robots and his performance could have carried a dark indie drama, luckily the monsters help make this a slight satire, The monster stuff is cool, it gives some laughs, and also shows how power can consume. The monster being alcoholism is a pretty brilliant way to tackle the issue, for those reading this, the monsters are legit but the film has some very deep thoughts and ideas, you can tell  this is a personal film, and in my opinion it is Nacho Vigalondo's best film!

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