Sunday, April 16, 2017


Marc Webb directed an amazing film in 500 Days of Summer, then he directed the best Spider Man(thus far) and the worse one(thus far). Going back to his indie roots seemed natural, however, this film did not seem like a step up. It is a solid film, but one that anyone could have directed, didn't have the style of 500 Days. While that film mixed happiness & sadness perfectly, this film does the same. It is depressing as fuck at times, but it is ultimately uplifting. Chris Evans gives a great performance, as does Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer, as does Lindsay Duncan. However the film's best aspect is Mckenna Grace, i usually find little kids annoying in films but she is fantastic! Spunky, smart, she plays the role perfectly! The issues are great, and the story unfolds in a damn good way exploring different sides, and finding counter balances. It is not 500 Days of Summer but it is a film that i think would be regarded higher had Webb not directed it with 500 Days on his resume.

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