Saturday, April 15, 2017

Going In Style

I had seen the original Going in Style once, i barely remember it, there for, it is a perfect film to remake, and it makes sense in today's climate with folks being fucked over by banks. Zach Braff i love, well i loved Scrubs and i LOVE Garden State, like i fucking adore it, it makes me cry, it is not sad, but it makes me cry. His follow ups to Garden State....have been bland, tv movies, Wish I was Here(that had a Garden State vibe, but felt empty) and now this. His career did not have progression, it's almost as if he made one great film, and nothing else. Now that is not a knock on this film, no not at all, just anyone could have made this, it was a director for hire project. Now the film itself, is funny at times, alot of the times the jokes fall flat or make you roll your eyes, but the film has charm, tons of charm. You feel bad for our leads, and they have great chemistry, so their emotions for each other seem legit. Alan Arkin steals the show, he is easily the best part, everyone does good but he stood out. It is not a perfect film, but it is an enjoyable film, it seems like a sunday afternoon movie. It is definitely an old persons film, the theatre was packed with seniors. Don't go in expecting a film that will change your life i swear, but go in just for a decent flick!

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