Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fate of the Furious

Ah yes, the Fateful Eight......wait, that is not the name? Oh yes the Fast & the Furious 8, the best & most fun in the series since the original. The first i think is awesome, the second one is not as good but goes for more style, the third one is nothing but style over substance. The fourth one tried too hard to be the legit sequel to the first but was not that good, enter the fifth, where we become over the top as fuck. I still was not sold on it, but the sixth one finally got it right, but was still nothing more than dumb fun. The Fast & the Furious 7, or Furious 7, whatever you want to call it, finally got the heart, not saying the others did not have heart, but the heart of the final scene can make you tear up. I love James Wan but he did not do the best sequel with part 7, nope, this here, the Eighth in the series, sure it is still contrived, sure it is still unbelievable, but it has in my mind, the best story of the sequels and it embraces the B Movie theatrics all the way. Right before the 7th one, John Wick & Kingsmen got over the top action right(well to be fair Shoot Em Up and The Raid films did it first) so this one thinks like them. Jason Staham doing parkour everywhere in a prison, the Rock throwing people around and destroying things with his fists. Hell the humor works the best in this one, the chemistry with Tyreese & Ludacris has always been there, but adding in Nathalie Emmanuel(one of my favs from GoT) brings in a new flavor. Kurt Russell chews the scenery, Helen fucking Mirren does another action flick. Oh and speaking of action babes, holy fuck is Charlize Theron awesome in this, she does the cold & calculating character well here, she has become a genre favorite in recent years, and she happens to be a total knockout in this, smoking hot! I never thought i would like a Fast & the Furious sequel this much, but this was an awesome flick!

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