Sunday, April 23, 2017


Holy fuck this show is brilliant! The comedic timing from all the actors(ALL the actors) is on point, the dialogue is witty as fuck, super snappy & intelligent! The characters are all well developed, the episodes have call backs to previous ones, yet most are still stand alone, but why would you just watch one? Watch them all, watch all 13 episodes, they are perfect, they are quotable, so fucking  quotable. It is like Trailer Park Boys meets Workaholics meets Goon, but in my opinion better than them(save Good, which i fucking love). How this show slipped under my radar until recently is beyond me, Canada has produced a masterpiece in not just sitcoms but in all forms of film! It combines realism & absurdity so god damned well, that it almost doesn't seem like it could be made anywhere else other than Canada! So many sex jokes, so many drug & booze jokes, so many ass kickings, plus Katy & Bonnie are total babes! I know Crave has the show, but damn, this would be perfect to reair on Comedy Central's secret stash, or IFC. I can not wait for season 3!

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