Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trainspotting 2

Whoa, a two decades(21 years in fact) later sequel that actually is a worthy follow up? Fuck yes, take that Independence Day. This is like getting together with your old friends, you laugh, you talk about  the old times, the old times might include when you took money, and now shit might get violent, but fuck it, you are with your old mates! Mark has been clean but his life brought him back home, Spud is a mess, he finds love but finds drugs, Sick Boy has become a con artist and it about to open a brothel, Begbie is back to his criminal ways. Friendships are mended, broken, mended, broken, etc through the entire film, regression happens, steps forward are taken and i loved every second of it. This film looks beautiful, it has a great score, it basically is a perfect sequel to 90s cinema, no joke this is how waiting 20 years to do a sequel should be done. It reminded me of Clerks 2, we loved the first film, we knew the characters but what happened to them? This film answers it, and while there is conflict, the film is ultimately uplifting!

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