Thursday, April 27, 2017

THe Circle

Okay, the trailer for this was cool, but i didn't expect much....i liked it better than i thought i would....but i still expected more......does that make sense? No? Well, that is okay, cause the plot doesn't make much sense here either. There are great ideas in this film, really great ideas, however none are realized. The idea of big brother is nothing new, but adding it in with modern societies obsession with social media, and everything being connected makes this barely science fiction, but a drama set in modern times. Everyone's accounts connected, with their phones/tablets with them at all times, recording everything. That is basically it....which leads to the anti climatic finale, why, is it anti climatic? Well Emma Watson(who does good acting in this) is trying to out Patton Oswalt & Tom Hanks(Hanks is really good) for their emails.....however, besides their company being creepy, they never really do anything that makes them the antagonists. I was hoping they were behind something, but nope, they just run a company. John Boyega is misused, and his character is trying to convince Watson that there is something fishy going on....okay, please show us what is going on! Watson's best friend, the BEAUTIFUL Karen Gillan, got super stressed out and had to leave the company....why? Please show us, also, pills? When did this happen? The film is full of plot holes, but atleast explain why we need to care about what happens to these characters? Maybe it needed to be longer? Maybe it needed trimming and then adding in the plot details to fill those minutes. The acting is good but ugh, why was it so important to leak emails? This plot gives me a headache. I can see why the critics are hating it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't wasn't bad, it just had potential to be really good!

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