Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Agents OF SHIELD & The MCU TV shows.

                                       Agents of Shield is a show that i wish never happened, mainly because i wish Agent Coulson had stayed dead after the events in the Avengers. None the less it started off with a good pilot, then it dwindled down to a by the numbers sci fi version of NCIS. Right before Winter Soldier is found it stride again, and then it followed through the rest of the remaining couple episodes. I thought they should have ended it there but they brought it back for a second season. Okay so SHIELD is still around, so um, let us fit this into the MCU canon, meh, not working so well so let's use it as a launching pad for the Inhumans. On paper it is a great idea to use this show to debut characters and plant seeds, however i have no interest in these characters, except Skye....and Hydra enlisted Ward. Anyhow back on topic, why would i want to watch a film based upon dull characters?
                                Well the show was renewed for a third season, so hopefully they use it as a final season and fix mistakes, admit Coulson is some sort of android, let Shield either die or show it morph into the new Avengers Facility. Make it more of a Hydra show to set up future MCU films with minor super heroes, make the Inhumans do something that will make us want to follow them into the MCU films. The show's second season finale was decent, and showed off more of said characters, though the plot was still a tad jumbled. On the flip side the spin off was cancelled but now it looks like they may do it anyhow, i say let it be, we don't need it. In my opinion Agent Carter was a weak show, save for the Howling Commandos, which is what the show should have been, strong female lead Carter and the badass Commandos kicking ass & taking names.

                              Marvel needs to focus their tv attention to Netflix. Daredevil was amazing, the acting was solid, the humor worked, the story was strong and the action? Holy fuck! What a well show show, i say bring on season 2, i say bring on Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones. Make the Defenders show amazing, hook us in for the Infinity War. Make the Defenders & the Inhumans matter, make the Defenders want to defend their home, team with the Avengers, make the Inhumans need to stop a threat, a threat of Thanos, add in the Guardians, boom bitch, we got an amazing team up on our hands. So the point is, less focus on Shield, more focus on the Inhumans.

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