Sunday, May 3, 2015

MCU Ranked

Guardians of the Galaxy
This is the closest thing to a new Star Wars i have seen, if i was a little kid i would be going nuts over the GotG toys. This is a odd pick as my favorite as i knew next to nothing about most of these characters, mainly the villains i knew, but the heroes i did not, but it didn't matter, this is a fun flick with a great soundtrack. Not only is it a fun flick but the film's premise is weird, who the fuck thought a talking raccoon and a walking tree would kill at the box office? Oh and it is directed by Troma alumni? Thank you!

The Avengers
This is pretty much a perfect comic book film, i prefer The Dark Knight and think it is a better made film, but if you want a straight up comic book film, this is it. This film is fun, action packed, has wit, and is a dream film that many never thought would happen. This film really started making MCU films feel like huge events.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Sure it may be early but this flick was pretty damn kick ass, it made shit from Agents of Shield make sense, though i still hate the show, and set up Phase 3 really well. I almost wish Civil War wasn't happening and that the new Avengers roster was the one we are getting in Cap 3, then let Infinity War be the return of characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, ect, have it be the big event, but i will shit up, sit back & enjoy.

Iron Man 3
I love Shane Black, this film feels like Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and i love that, i wish he had more work after that film and am damn happy it was a Marvel flick, he helped resurrect Robert Downey Jr, and now RDJ has done the same for him. I almost wish this had been Tony Stark's swan song, and that he needed to come out of retirement in AoU but that flick is awesome so let it be. They threw alot in this film but it all works, sure the Mandarin wasn't the Mandarin but it works in this flick.

Captain America The Winter Soldier.
This here is the closest we have got to a Marvel Dark Knight, well maybe Darevil the series. The action scenes are the best yet, the humor is perfectly times and doesn't feel forced(alot of times in Marvel flicks it feels that way). The plot twists in the film & the way it changes the MCU will always be remembered, sadly much like Coulson's death feeling less impact full due to Agents of Shield, the whole end of Shield feel less impact full with the show aswell. None of those are the films fault, the film is damn near flawless.

Thor: The Dark World
I will get it out of the way, i am not a big fan of the earthling characters, but yet again i love the Asgradian stuff. I LOVE Loki so his evolution of just being the antagonist in the first film, to capturing the character in Avengers, to just running with it in this one. The battle scenes are top notch and the Marvel Universe references are great, i also love the humor of the Thor flicks.

Iron Man
It's funny seeing how different this film feels than the newer Marvel flicks but that is a good thing, who wants the same old same old? This really is almost a perfect origin story, showcasing asshole/smartass Tony Stark into smartass Tony Stark. It came out the year of The Dark Knight but it began the fun Marvel films without studio concern, not even going to mention Disney's involvement these days since they pretty much allow Marvel to be its own thing.

Captain America: The First Avenger
When i first saw this at San Diego Comic Con i was underwhelmed but it gets better & better. It really shows the transformation of a wimp to a soldier, and i love the pulpy aspects of it. Plus Red Skull looks really cool & comic book esque.

I love the Asgardian aspects of the film, but the stuff on earth is somewhat lackluster, mainly the earthlings and i LOVE Natalie Portman but not in this.

Incredible Hulk
I don't hate this flick, alot do, i liked Edward Norton in the role but i prefer Mark Ruffalo.  The film feels rather unimportant but the action scenes are actually pretty damn good.

Iron Man 2
This entry has awesome performances by Robert Downey Jr & Sam Rockwell, sadly the film itself lacks much in terms of story, it feel very lackluster, Mickey Rourke tries but there is next to no character development in the flick. With that said, it gets better on repeat viewings. 

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