Thursday, May 28, 2015

Big Time in Hollywood FL

So Big Time in Hollywood FL is a fucked up, hilarious & bloody sitcom. Jack & Ben are two brothers, two filmmakers, filmmakers living in their parents house, jobless & seemingly sexless, but full of ambition. Their parents decide to kick them out but the two hatch a plan to con twenty thousand to fund their films. They get Jimmy Statts(played by Ben Stiller) to pretend to be a drug dealer that needs paid up by Ben. The parents get the police involved and Jimmy is shot to death....this is the pilot.
The show features the brothers entering rehab, befriending Cuba Gooding Jr(playing himself), breaking into houses, assault on the innocent, betrayal of their friend Del, Del nearly giving Harvey(Michael Madsen) a blowjob, Harvey sucking off a gun and blowing his head off, Jason Alexander(playing himself) shooting off Cuba's hand then being shot to death by him, drugs, drugs, more drugs and an awesome finale which had a fantastic shootout with a chimp & a cop played by Keith David.
How can you not love that? In a way parts of the show remind me of myself, at least the film making aspects, then as the show went on, i began to see this resembled some of my screenplays, this is the kind of dark comedy i aspire to make, and for a television series to be this balls out i applaud. I don't know if this will get a second season, if it does, i am all for it, if not, i am happy how it ended.
If you haven't watched this show, please do, it is obviously made in the time where stuff is a reaction to Breaking Bad, people doing shit out of their comfort zone(involving drugs), and that evolving into murders, lots of murders. Thank you Alex Angfanger & Dan Schimpf for creating this, thank you Ben Stiller for believing in this, thank you Comedy Central for taking a chance, and to everyone else for being a part of it!

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