Friday, May 22, 2015


This is not a review of sorts but more or less things that stuck out in the remake of the Poltergeist. The original Poltergeist is a great film, to this day it is debated as the whether is was directed by Tobe Hooper or Steven Spielberg, alot see Spielberg is the film with the family element and suburban setting, that Spielberg charm, charm, that is key, and that is what is missing from the 2015 remake. There is no sense of wonder, even when the siblings are getting static shocked by the closet, it feels forced, in the original when events happened, it sent the family in awe. When the scares happened they meant something, in this everything happens at once, some of the key elements of the original just get forced into this one and wind up being rather lack luster. Ghost films are greatly influenced by the original, James Wan's Insidious being one of them, however to me that film's other world the Further, seems to be a go to for this films portal to the spirits world, the original had it in the unknown. Another film that felt semi inspired by the original was James Wan's The Conjuring, but that films paranormal experts the Warrens, seem to be the driving force behind the experts in  this film, not necessarily in the way they are portrayed but in the gaining trust sort of way, The Zelda Rubinstein character in this to me felt just like the Peter Vincent in the Fright Night remake, sure different career paths but it still felt to be a way to introduce a character by making them an icon, and the house is clean line gets beat like a dead horse in this film. I actually enjoyed the film but it didn't feel organic at all.

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